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- quickly without panic to leave from the inhabited massif to the specified direction or aside, the perpendicular direction of a wind, not less than 5 km where it is necessary to be before obtaining further information are desirable on the sublime, well aired site, at distance,

The license (permission to complex environmental management are given to the user of nature with the indication of types, volumes and limits of economic activity of use of natural resources, ecological requirements and consequences of non-compliance with these requirements.

Violations of fireproof coverings of construction designs, constructional materials and metal support of the equipment it has to be eliminated immediately. Wooden designs and fabrics on the expiration of terms of fireproof processing have to be processed repeatedly.

At hit on clothes - sleeve cuts, carefully to take off clothes, to process leather water. To collect water in special container. To process a place of a burn netralizuyushchy solution, to dry up, apply a sterile bandage.

Chlorine - gas of flavovirent color with the pungent irritating specific smell, is 2,5 times heavier than air. It is condensed at 34 degrees we will dissolve in water. At a breath irritates mucous membranes of airways and lungs.

5 certain territories, buildings, constructions, rooms, shops, sites, processing equipment and processes, the engineering equipment, power supply networks etc., Responsible for fire safety, the director defines.

At stay on a floor more than 10 people have to be developed and hung out on foregrounds plans (schemes) of evacuation of people in case of fire, and also the system ( an opovedeniye of people about the fire is provided. The head of object with mass stay of people (50 people and Bol it is obliged to develop in addition the instruction defining actions of the personnel for ensuring safe and fast evacuation of people on which at least 1 time a half-year trainings have to be carried out.

The transportation violation of the rules, hraneiya and applications of means of protection of plants, incentives of their growth, mineral fertilizers, etc. preparations, entailed or able to entail pollution of atmospheric air, -

At floods of the rule of behavior are similar to what are recommended in case of hydrodynamic accident. Usually regional hydrometeorological centers for the 2-3rd warn days the population about the expected time and borders of possible flooding, make recommendations of expedient behavior and an order of evacuation.

To take with itself documents, values, things of prime necessity, a reserve of drinking water and food for 2-3 days. The part of property can be postponed for the top floors, attics, the top circles of constructions.

- to carry out precautionary measures when using of gas devices, subjects of household chemicals, work with flammable (LVZh) and combustible (GZh) liquids, other flammable materials and the equipment;

Persons to whom carrying out actions with mass participation of people is entrusted (evenings, discos, New Year's celebrations, representations), are obliged to examine carefully before them rooms and to be convinced of their full readiness in the fire-prevention relation.

- appropriately impregnated usual clothes (on 2 l of water 250-300g of the crushed laundry soap and 0,5 l of mineral or vegetable oil. Heat to 60-70 0C mix, impregnate, dry up).

Skin and mucous membranes are washed out not less than 15 minutes by water and 2% solution of boric acid or 0,5 - 1%-ny solution of alyuminiyevokaliyevy alum. In eyes dig in on 2-3 drops of 30% solution of albucid, in a nose - warm olive or peach oil.

- it is necessary to know that if SDYaV is heavier than air (chlorine,, they will get into mobile rooms and first floors, to accumulate in lowlands, wells, tunnels and if it is easier than air, on the contrary, to fill higher floors of buildings (ammonia);