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Time travel with example Three essays due on how to improve your writing

One antique and writers criticized geographical judgments of Pifey, some even considered his stories as pure fiction and lie. Others highly appreciated its certificates, considering that its expedition promoted development of the astronomy based on scientific data. Modern researchers see in Pifey the largest among ancient travelers – pioneers though in the history of his trip on the North still there is a lot of not clear: date, its details of a route.

Spain the country – the country mosaic. At its island and the mainland, at provinces and coasts absolutely different shape and character. Even the resorts standing nearby can differ: one is constructed on the bank of the gulf and will please with the palm embankment and wide beaches; another looks in the sea from high rocks, clambering on slopes abrupt small streets ladders; the third is turned into elegant yacht-club with luxurious hotels and restaurants. Therefore in Spain it is possible to carry out rest for every taste.

It should be noted that the enterprises of retail trade for sale of the equipment used by tourists for placement also treat the tourist industry. At the same time retail trade in sports goods and the equipment is among those enterprises which in case of their stay in the tourist centers gain additional income.

Excursion tourism. For excursion tourism, as well as for recreational, trips both on individual, and on a group basis are characteristic. This type of tourism includes trips with the informative purposes.

Vallis is the present Winter's Tale, highland full of pleasant surprises. From December to April dense snow cover lies in mountains. In the winter, despite frosts to 10-12o, the Welsh Alps attract tourists with gold shine of the sun over tops, transparent mountain air, virgin snow and silence.

It must be kept in mind that the informative purposes can be combined with the rest purpose. The informative trip can precede rest in the resort or during rest tourists can make excursions, including even visit of other cities.

Therefore, in the analysis it is necessary to allocate over each country of the category of the population which is interested in informative trips in general and to this country in particular, and also those tourist organizations which specialize on such type of tourism.

Gran Canaria – is the third largest island of the archipelago. The island, first of all, is famous for the extensive beaches with gold and black dust which adjoin to cozy rocky bays with stony beaches.

Recreational tourism. This type of tourism is the most mass form for many countries. Trips of foreign tourists to Spain, Italy, Bulgaria pursue, first of all, this aim, and the big duration of all trip, smaller number of the cities entering a route, and respectively, the big duration of stay in one city is characteristic.

One of kinds of informative trips is automobile tourism. Trips by cars and buses give opportunities, big in comparison with other means of transport, to get acquainted with the country. At the same time they have so big specifics that they can be allocated in a separate type of tourism. It is necessary to consider that in this case only specialized tourism organizations and, first of all automobile clubs and associations are engaged in them. The firms specializing on a car rental are of great importance. Still already specialization of the firms organizing trips with placement in a camping.

Everything turns into goods: the sun – by means of hire of chaise lounges and roofs sunbeds, snow – by means of ropeways, elevators and alpine ski schools. At such commercial - tourist approach forget about the landscape twice. Yes, really beauty of the nature are the public benefit. But, first, it does not mean that they are boundless. And secondly, quality and appeal of landscapes are guaranteed not for ever.