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In everyday life usually not all body, and only its some parts - a face, a neck, hands, feet is affected by cold. We usually also protect them scarfs, gloves, socks, footwear. But in a frost, rainy and windy weather it is not always possible to be saved. Artful action of cold in this case can cause negative reactions in an organism and lead to colds.

Contrast baths are taken in two capacities with hot (38-42 °C) and cold (10-24 °C) water. In the beginning within 2-3 min. people there are in hot water, and then 1-1,5 min. in the cold. It is possible to change water to seven times. Procedure is finished with a cold bathroom with the subsequent vigorous grinding of a body a dry towel. It is desirable to take contrast baths daily or every other day.

How to start snow bathings? Begin with damp rubdowns with water which temperature is not above 28 °C. Gradually during 2 weeks reduce water temperature (to water). And now bring in a bathtub, to the room a basin with the snow, be bared on a belt and, having made 4-5 having taken snow, pound them a breast, a neck, hands, a face. In a week it is possible, having undressed to pants, to carry out grinding by snow of all body. If everything is safely, safely move procedure to the street. After 5-10 such grindings it is possible to start snow bathings.

After an exit from water it is necessary to be rubbed off and, having quickly put on a dressing gown or a training suit, to pass into a locker room. Here the set of exercises to liquidate a holodovy debt and to restore thermal balance is carried out. Bathing is carried out not more often than 2-4 times a week in the winter. Know that for a complete recovery of separate physiological functions after sharp cooling of an organism it is required not less than days.

Prepare a bathtub from the plants possessing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiallergic properties: marjoram, train, coltsfoot, calendula, violet. Each plant take on 40 - 50 g, mix is filled in by 3-4 l of boiled water, draw 2-3 h and pour out in a bathtub with warm water (35-36 °C). It does not matter, if such water gets to a mouth.

Do not forget that heats in ice water make extremely strong impact on the central nervous system, and through it and on other bodies. During stay in cold water in an organism there is a holodovy debt: body temperature decreases by 1-3 °C, and skin - by 10-15 °C, there is a sharp increase in gas exchange and power consumption, arterial pressure increases, pulse becomes frequent. After bathing all adaptable mechanisms of an organism within an hour are in a condition of big tension. It is caused by that the organism seeks to compensate deficiency of heat.

It is possible to make also vitamin bathtub. For this purpose use the young leaves and branches of blackcurrant collected at spring cutting of a bush 300 g of a fresh plant or 150 g dry fill in 3 l of boiled water and keep in the enameled ware during 1,5-2 h, then pour out in a bathtub with water of the necessary temperature. The vitamins C containing in water and P when bathing are absorbed by the child's skin, have on an organism beneficial influence: reduce permeability of vessels, improve a metabolism, strengthen the tempering effect.