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In the existing building the land plots on which the residential buildings and other real estate objects which are a part of condominium are transferred as the general property to the general possession of house owners in standard sizes free of charge.

The master plan of the city with population to fifty thousand people and the master plan of the rural settlement can together with the site planning of territories of the specified settlements as the uniform document.

to receive in unlimited use or to receive or get the land plots for implementation of a housing, construction of economic and other constructions and their further operation in property;

The size of a land share of each house owner in condominium by multiplication of the area of the room on a specific of a land share for buildings of different number of storeys according to an order.

The approved town-planning documentation is obligatory for an all participants of town-planning activity. Modification of town-planning documentation is carried out as it was already told above, only with the permission of the body which approved it.

Rules of building contain requirements of a town-planning : order of issue of construction licenses, obligations for a, architectural and construction control, functions of zastroyyoshchikov-land users.