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Other fields of activity have to endure essential modification and development, having essentially changed and economic and social structures, public climate and the human environment Ida-Virumaa.

The special attention needs to be paid to coverage of the sea coast as essential component of transport, and on opening of the district from the sea. And also it is necessary to consider planning of creation of presumable infrastructure for service of an aviatranport (at least in volume of service of transportation of small goods, tourism and aircraft).

Involvement of experts and businessmen to the district as from other places of Estonia and from abroad, creation for them favorable for life and work of the environment, granting additional social guarantees;

The logic of development Ida-Virumaa is defined by the geographical arrangement and the population of the district, natural minerals which are in the territory of the district and the strategic importance having capacity.

From the point of view of change of the language and cultural context prevailing still development of computer training, development of local computer networks and "Internetization" is especially powerful.