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The dry vegetable raw materials — are the dried-up fragrant of plants (seeds, bark, etc.) applied in the form of infusions. They represent a valuable component of spirits as have full and persistent smell.

, or absolute oil - the high-concentrated natural fragrant substance with strong and persistent smell received from ekstraktovy essential oils. Flying and nonvolatile solvents from flower raw materials extract ekstraktovy oil, and then concrete from which by processing by alcohol with the subsequent its otgonka receive.

steam-atsetilanizol, or steam-metoksiatsetofenon - ketone, a product of interaction of acetic acid and an anizol. Crystal weight with strong persistent smell of hay and flower notes of a mimosa, a hawthorn. Component of essential oils. It is used in perfumery compositions.

creation and release of the products which are an embodiment of essentially new ideas in production of perfumery, production of products with new functional qualities. An example of it is the new 3+ series;

ANIMAL smells: Gray ambergris-iron of a cachalot allocates a secret which gives live, warm aroma, with notes of the sea coast, with tea smell shades. It is applied to firmness giving, as a clamp.

aldehyde anisic, or, steam-metoksibenzaldegid - liquid with a pleasant smell of a mimosa, a hawthorn. Contains in anisic, fenkhelny and many other essential oils. Most often anisic aldehyde is received oxidation of methyl air of steam-cresol. Good results are yielded by a way of methylation of steam-gidroksibenzaldegida. It is used in many perfumery compositions and fragrances at a dosage to 5%.