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The idle time in points of loading/unloading on routes 2 and 6 can be significantly reduced due to use of more powerful excavators. And on a route the 4th transportation of cabbage can be made not in vans, and in onboard cars, trailers and semi-trailers (tentovanny) in the summer that will lower an idle time. In the analysis of an idle time for an ezdka along routes the idle time on a route 2 (wood) almost by one and a half times exceeds average value on ATP therefore the most important is the optimum organization of pogruzo-unloading processes on this route (reduction of idle times waiting for loading/unloading, reduction of time for paperwork, etc.).

Apparently from an epyura of freght traffics, it is possible to try to unite BD-DC route with freights: sawdust and crushed stone. After the calculations given below 6 routes puluchatsya: 5 pendular, one of which – is organized for a dovoz of the rest of crushed stone, and one integrated route (with use of ozhny PS – KAMAZ-551

The purpose of the real academic year project is development of model of implementation of transportations at the set freght traffics and search of the relevant decisions for the hypothetical enterprise mastering these transportations.

For transportation of sawdust it is offered to use the car dump truck, the dump truck with the dumping trailer and the truck tractor with the dumping semi-trailer. We choose the last option. For ensuring safety of freight when transporting the trailer is covered with an awning.

For transportation of machines are offered: borotovy the car, onboard with the trailer, the truck tractor with the semi-trailer with retenacious and without it. Vybir the truck tractor from the retenacious. Machines keep within the semi-trailer in wooden boxes with tight isolation, and the semi-trailer is covered with an awning.