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In logic operation of denial of judgment – transformation is more clear. It represents the action connected with change of quality of initial judgment – a sheaf. Thus the predicate of the received judgment has to contradict the initial. Thus, the affirmative judgment turns in negative and vice versa. In the form of formulas it looks so:

Oposredstvovaniye in work does not cope an instinct, it, has social character. Social character is meant as functional interdependence of various individuals within the activity directed on creation of conditions for satisfaction of their requirements here.

If to unite a quality and quantitative index, all simple categorical judgments can be shared into six types: all-affirmative, all-negative, chastnoutverditelny, chastnootritsatelny, edinichnoutverditelny, edinichnooritsatelny.

The principle of a contradiction demands that the thinking was consecutive. He demands that, approving something about something, we did not deny the same about the same in the same sense at the same time, i.e. forbids to accept at the same time some statement and its denial.

At denial of any judgment it is necessary to remember the principles of logic also. Four main are usually formulated: principle of identity, contradiction and sufficiency. Without going into details, it is possible to stop not the most essential to operation of denial of judgments.