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In a normal state of the environment various levels of life are mutually almost inaccessible. Atoms of which the molecules making, in turn, the cages which are elementary cells of all fabrics of a human body are under construction have no relation to functioning of the last. Atoms will not even be noticed, the person is living or died. It is possible to operate own hand, it is possible to operate, by special preparation, own breath or heartbeat, but to operate though one tiny atom in own body it is impossible in any way.

It appears, in chromosomes there are so-called mobile genes which function consists in jumping from one place of a chain of DNA in another and specially to bring mutations in a genetic code. Most likely, the sense of such intended "damage" of own chromosomes consists in that at the expense of increase in number of mutations to increase number of primary variations of individuals from which then there is a natural selection — that is to accelerate, urge on it, without waiting for a slow natural current. "Evolution — is the case caught on wings". This phrase of the French scientist Zh. Mono best of all conveys meaning of casual mutations, to solve which still Ch. Darwin aspired.

Rule fourth: "Small you will cause big, but big you will not always achieve also small". The principle of nonlinearity is most brightly expressed in this rule. Big expenses of energy in nonlinear systems do not guarantee receiving result proportional to them. From other party, small or even sometimes incidentally carried out correct influence is rezonansno capable to shake system, to awaken dozing in the environment of a potentiality. It is effective if in the necessary point "ukalyvat" Wednesday.

The main manual which the synergetrics from height of the scientific positions is capable to give to the person, can sound so. Everything in the world is interconnected; you are not a puppet, but also not mister, you are an active small knot in a texture of the evolutionary threads of a universum lasting from an infinite distance and going to an infinite distance.

The independent, yet not joint structures exist, "without feeling each other". They live in different "tempomira", that is each of them develops at the speed. The difficult structure represents merger of structures of "different age" — the structures which are at different stages of development. For example, the school of sciences unites different generations of scientists: teachers of teachers, teachers, actively working pupils and getting into gear of beginners.

These ideas actively develop now within the theory of accidents and the theory of self-organized criticality. The last was developed by P. Buck and S. Kauffman, the staff of Institute of research of difficult adaptive systems to Santa Fe, the State of New Mexico, the USA. As an indicative example for expression of idea of a catastrophism they take behavior model of grains of sand in a heap of sand. "The metaphor of a heap of sand leaves far beyond physical thinking about the difficult phenomena; it contains everything: cooperative behavior of many particles, dot balance, accident, unpredictability, destiny. It is a new way of vision of the world" 1

The synergetrics opens the principles of assembly evolutionary whole of parts, formation of difficult structures from rather simple, sustainable joint development, a koevolyution of systems 1 This one of the most essential achievements of school of sciences Samara — Kurdyumova.

"I spoke to myself: "Let it will be here now, here now" — and with these words I already made the decision, was going to carry out it and did not carry out, but also did not slide in the former: I stopped, without reaching the end, and took breath".

Such statement to conformably traditional outlook of the East. Being of many ideas of synergetrics: coherence of all with everything, existence in the world and society of hierarchy which you want you do not want, and it is necessary to adhere, expression small in big and big in small (fractality the world, the dialectic change of rates and rhythms of the movement similar to a known Ancient Chinese symbol — to alternation of yin and yang, emergence of all from emptiness and leaving there — pulls together synergetrics with views of Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism.